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Where is you boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman ...

Since I actually haven't posted in this community since I joined. I figured as I'm in a great mood I'd post some pictures, a few of me, a few of me and my boyfriend, and one of my friends, just 'cos I can :)

hehe enjoy (oh and the pics are such bad quality because we were sitting in the dark with like 3 candles lit, it's cute :))

[seen as though lj wouldnt let em post this after my pictures, here we go :)]

"Yeh, I'm really happy because my boyfriend (I can't stop saying that!) Literally asked me out about 2 hours ago. We've liekd each other for near enough a year and I always refused to admit my feelings for him and then he went and got a gf and stuff and it was only then that I realised I liked him so much. Scary stuff! BUt I haven't been so happy in years. :)

Hope you're all okay, post pictures! Oh and btw, you know because I was accepted (I guess I was anyways, I hope!) when people apply am I allowed to vote? :) Just let me know and stuff so I aint going and breaking rules."

hover over the picture for me being explanitory!

hehe I can't help myself
yep, I didn't even know he was taking this, he has an obsession with my webcam
This is a really bad picture of me, but I just think it's cute how he randomly turned round and kissed me
Again, I look rather bad, but we both look really happy, although I'm all blurred
Random picture of me from like 2 days ago or something
My boyfriend (Clewz/James/whatever you want to call him really) My future husband who's also one of my best male friends and my best friends boyfriend, who is my boyfiends best friend and one of my best male friends aswell :) I love the three of them, could never ask for three better male friends, ever
Me being silly
Again with the silliness
My new necklace for my birthday (in 12 days!)
My new ring to go with my new necklace (my mums taken them abck now till my birthday!)
me n my sister
me n my sister, yet again - she's playing pokemon, the 3 lads in one of the pictures above got her addicted again lol
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i never got the chance to say this yet but you're very pretty and welcome to the community! ;D
hehe why thankyou :)
yea, you're totally accepted, and you can vote on others as well. :) and that one picture with your hand over your mouth (the =O face) is very hot. signature pose for me and my friends. love it. ♥
same for me and my friends ... we over used it though!
:) yay I'm accepted!!
we need to get this community more members ... as soon as I get my computer back (im in a bar atm) I'll start promoting and what not :)