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So effing HOT.
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Welcome. You've entered the realm of hotness. Hopefully, our promoting and/or just plain hotness has appealed to you and you're ready to join us. Yes, we hope so too. We have a couple of rules that we like to live by. Break them and die. ♥♥♥

the RULES baishes
1. Any postive remarks about Hilary Duff will get you an automatic ban. (i.e. i love hilary duuf! she is so cool and the best singer ever!)
2. Be nice to the mods and the applicants. After all, you were on of them once too.
3. Don't argue with the mods and don't whine if you're not accepted. We're not your mom. We don't care how much you cry, plead and/or beg.
4. Lighten up! We're not going to slit your throat or anything. We're actually not that cruel. The mods are very different and yet very much the same. Each one's taste differs, so if one doesn't like your music, maybe another one will.
5. In the title for your application, write "it feels so empty without me" so we can make sure you read these dang rules and didn't miss out or ignore us. :)
6. Please help promote, even if its telling your best friend at the lunch table. We're taking over, one whore at a time.
7. Be honest, be yourself, and have fun. Originality is the spice of life!

[x] Fill me out!! [x]
♥ List 10 of your favorite/most listened to bands.
♥ List 5 of your favorite/most listened to songs.
♥ Who do you love more, Jan or Marcia?
♥ Do you like to read?
♥ Whats the last book you read?(Magazines don't count.)
♥ List 3 of your favorite books.
♥ Favorite quote from a movie, song, or book.
♥ How do you feel about gay people?
♥ Are you religious or believe in God?
♥ Any lifetime goals?
♥ Who are your role models?
♥ List 5 men who make you hot.
♥ List 5 women who make you hot.
♥ Describe your style.
♥ What possession of yours do you value most?
♥ Is love a)completely real, so forget everything that you have heard? b)teenage hormones? c)just a game that we play?
♥ Some interesting facts about yourself and why you're so cool.
♥ Post hot pictures below.

teh MODS

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